Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New job ... same hobbies 

Hey audience!!

Yeah I've been slacking i know ;)

Well, I've been busy lately trying to look for a part-time job, and Gelare, the ice-cream outlet, is asking me to go down to far east plaza tomorrow for a 2nd interview. Yay!! It pobably means i'll be getting the job lolz. Anyways, I was busy playing Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 2 this afternoon, and below is my review of it which was also posted on http://www.gamefaqs.com

Ok all, i just blew $100 on WMMT2 today. And all i can say is, your wallet will never feel heay again. ^_^

Now, back to the serious stuff, i will now present to you my experiences of WMMT2.


The physics of the game is definitely different. Based on my FD, it takes more effort to cause it to oversteer, even though my settings were already in "Dangerous" so theorectically it should slide more.

The road is also more realistic i.e. u can actually "feel" that theres tarmac you are travelling on. And when u are going above 300km/h, especially on the wangan line, your car will actually vibrate alot, thus i feel this "ups" the realism of the game.


Hmm, i would say that there are improvements. For example, theres more reflections of the street lamps on your car, so you might think theres something wrong with your eyes when your car starts pulsing in blue, then its original color, then blue again and then its original color again. Another example would be the Fireworks bridge(thats how its referred to in the manga). The fireworks are more realistic.

When travelling at very high speeds, the game sorta uses a "fast-slow" effect to emphasize on the fact that your car is going at high speeds. I don't know how to describe it properly, but it sorta looks as though the road is straining to go past you, making it seem slow, but the surroundings are still zipping by. I think they purposely changed the style, and i am in favor of it. Those who played WMMT1 alot will definitely notice this change i just talked about.


For fans of WMMT, i am sure theres not much i need to say regarding the OST. However, in case you do not know, the songs from version 1 are still available.

Story mode

Here's the deal. You only need to play through story mode twice to get to full tune(FT). During, the second playthrough, each victory will give you half a tuning bar. So you only need to defeat 2 opponents to gain a advance tuning bar. There are some new faces to the "scene", such as the "drunk guy" (don't know his name, but he's the good friend of the Flat Racing dude). Thereafter, there will be a series of "Legend" modes for you to complete once you have completed the 2nd playthrough. Here are the "Legends" that you wll face:

Legend of Devil Z (Akio),
Legend of R32 (Reina Akikawa, i think she had a personal legend, as i recall facing off with her more than once),
Legend of R200 club (All the members, including the Flat Racing guy, in the manga he was originally part of the R200 club)
Legend of Supra (Kei),
Legend of FC (the white FC, can't rem his name lol)

Each legend will have 5 battles, and your opponent will mainly be the respective drivers that i put in the brackets, however, because all the battles were from the storyline, don't be surprised if you face off with the Devil Z, but with another driver at its helm instead. I remembered Akio challenging me with Kei's Supra. You will get to race against Kitami and "CPU god" as well.

The final battle of "Legend of FC" will see you squaring off with the Devil Z, Blackbird and the white FC. So its a 4 player battle in a sense. Obviously, the easiest guy is the white FC.

Now here's the surprise. Once you have completed all the "Legends", you will get an extra "tuning bar", hereafter mentioned as the super tuning bar (ST). HOWEVER, the game is not over yet. After the "Legends" series, the original line-up of opponents from version 1 will open up. Yes, that means Akio in his pre-Devil Z car will be the first guy you will face. But but but, theres a catch, the battles from here on will be very much harder.

How so?? Well, the traffic conditions are no longer preset. Where previously the S-curve tunnels in C1 was clear of traffic, do NOT be surprised to see sedans, vans and trucks occupying the ideal lane, or even both lanes. Where previously the "dividers" in C1 was devoid of vehicles, expect to see them. And they are all completely random, after i lost to Akio on the first battle, i gave it another shot. What do you know? The traffic conditions changed again. Therefore, i would suggest for all you players out there to be more adaptable, if not you will be very frustrated. It get even more unbearable on the new mountain track, Hakone.

Before i forget, there will be other "additions" on the road as well, namely, roadblocks. The 3 lanes of the Wangan line will sometimes be reduced to just 1 lane, so you gotta keep a look out for them. They're not just exclusive to a certain route though, as they seem to be on every map and in every direction that you can possibly go. I shall touch on this later (about the directions i just said).

I do not know what happens after this round of opponents though. I will be playing again tomorrow so i shall have more on it.


For the story mode, there are lots of changes to the routes the opponents take. Most of the time, they no longer traverse the routes we were accustomed to in version 1 time attacks (the "standard" routes). Now, do not be surprised that from Wangan line clockwise, you gotta turn off halfway and take the overhead bridge to enter the fireworks bridge(opposite direction of New belt line CCW). Or, from C1 inbound joining up to the fireworks bridge. Basically, any "combinations" is possible now. So some routes may seem unfamiliar.

Regarding Hakone, I've got just one word to describe it: TWISTY!! Yes, the road twists and turns alot, ala Initial D. The gear ratio is drastically reduced though, so even if you use 800hp, you won't ever go beyond 240km/h (at least, thats the top speed i think you can get on hakone). I've sort of gotten the hang of it though, but i was initially embarrased cuz the first few times i played on hakone i was ramming the walls left and right!! Its possible to "jump" over your opponents too, but i have not figured out how the computer AI manages to do this.


This is where info that i do not know where to classify shall be placed under.

Regarding titles, there is one huge motherload of titles to choose from. Meaning if you dislike a title that the machine offers, just select "no" to reject it and to keep your current title. Just for your info, titles and class are 2 seperate things now. You can be B class and [C1 flying dragon] for example. The "class" only serves to indicate how far into the story mode you are in. There are quite a number of weird titles, for e.g., [Iron Man], [weakling] and [Continuing King]. My current one is [I don't go to Yokohama] for the simple fact that i kept doing New belt CW TAs.

When you transfer your version 1 car over, you get to select which rims you wanna change to. If you do not want to change it, theres a "Reject changes" option to keep your old rims. Also, you can choose whether or not you want the "Aerodynamic package" or the "Carbon package". The former is for better handling, whereas the latter is for better top-end speeds. I went with "aerodynamics" though as the "carbon package" doesn't seem to come with any noticeable bodykits. It looks more like a "stock" car if you choose the "carbon package".

After you have completed stage 20 of the story mode, i think round 3 or 4 of the Legends series, you MUST renew your card. However, there was a message saying that i could use the old card (called the "Discarded Vehicle Data") to transfer my car's data into another card. So i intepreted it as saying that maybe i can have another Fd again, using my "used" card to transfer to another card, on top of the already-renewed FD that i have.. I'm not sure if it works though, I'll probably try it tomorrow, but i kinda dislike the idea of having 2 FDs. Oh well, maybe one can be "aerodynamic" and the other "cabon".

Theres also a 10-opponents challenge, where you basically pass one opponent to make the next one appear before the timer runs out. Theres a 10-opponents challenge for every map i think, as i saw it while pressing view change to see my TA records. It has a "page" on its own.

Well, thats all i have got to say for now. Till tomorrow!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

hurts no more ... debate over 

Well, apparently, my ears no longer hurt!! Now the reason why it hurt was because ........... hahaz, thought i was gonna let the cat out of the bag did ya?

Hmm, they dun hurt no more, but i still can't hear that effectively with my right ear though. This sucks big time cuz it means i can't fully enjoy my wm:mt OST =/ Hmm, my past few days have been like, boring yet fun. Contradicting, i know, but its been boring cuz i can't f***ing get a job, unlike 2 years ago when looking for one wasn't such a pain in the arse. Fun though, because i've been playing Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance for whatever free time i had. I've gotta admit, i was kinda turned off by the game's "childish" visuals at first, but the tactical gameplay, plus the fact that every member of my clan can be uniquely different form each other, made me hooked from the go!

This is currently my 2nd playthrough, as the first time i was playing i had to return the game to my buddy James. His blog can be viewed by following the link at the bottom. Frankly speaking, i wounldn't mind playing FF:TA till the day i hafta enlist for NS, which will be on the 8th September. Boy am i looking forward to it, since afterall, i most probably would end up signing on full-time with the army. Second choice would be the police force, so maybe one day i'll be bustin your ass huh? Ain't that cool?

Turning to local news, the debate over whether Singapore should allow a casino is over!! Hurrah to 2 integrated resorts coming our way in 2009!! This is defintely a step in the right direction to take as to improve our economy and to keep the tourist dollar coming in, we must have the attractions to lure them in, and having an integrated resort (IR) is one of them. To the nay-sayers, i only have one word for you guys: grow up. Okay, so thats 2 words, but thats not the point. The point is, having a casino in singapore doesn't mean that everybody automatically becomes a gambling addict. With or without a casino, just about anyone can become addicted to 4D, Toto, horse racing, soccer betting and of course, the Big Sweep. This is for the socialists who say that casinoes = more addicts.

To the religous groups out there, I don't care if you're a muslim, a cat


Friday, April 15, 2005

It hurtssss, oh preciousss it hurtss usss 

Ok, heres the deal: My right ear hurts like hell. I'm not going to go into details, but its not life-thretening so don't worry the author will not R.I.P. all of a sudden. As such, i may not post so regularly for the next few days ... I'll try to get on as often as i can though.

For today, the only interesting thing that happened was me going out with my friend Bennie. Yeah, thats it. Went to watch "Be Cool". Not too bad i should say. IMHO, i found it better than "House of Fury" which i watched last friday.

Ok, gtg now, the pain is acting up again, and the right side of my face is kinda sore. Tata ...


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Hey hey all!! Wassup??

Lolz, i realize that my last post was in March, 2004. Now, thats like, hmm lemme count, 13 months ago!! So what happened to the author who had arisen, only to fade away again? You see, i sorta got bored with blogging at that time, plus, i was really busy with school. Yup, you can take my word on that.

And when i entered my 3rd year of poly in July 2004, i was like, as busy as a honey bee!! (Hmm, is that a weird analogy?) Anyhow, this time I'm back for good. At least, while i still have time to blog as my National Service will be starting soon enough =)

So what is the author doing now?? Well, apparently he's trying his best to find a part time job to help pay for whatever he needs to buy. Yes, i admit i am an impulsive shopper most of the time. Therefore, if any of you have any job offerings, please do feel free to let me know yah??

To my readers, what do you guys think of the tag board? Should i remove it?? I cant seem to change its positioning, and it sucks not being able to read the top line =(
I know if i reinstall Dreamweaver i will be able to edit my template more easily, but as it stands now, i'm kinda not in the mood to install anything remotely related to programming. Yes, blogging involves HTML programming too for those who are ignorant.

At the moment, I have just finished my Industrial Training Program (ITP). I was attached to the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) as a programmer. Now, when i went there on my first day of internship, i was actually looking forward to it, as i was kinda expecting to be involved in lab work. But when the office gal(who was incharge of me) told me what kinda job i should be expecting to do, i was like: "WTF?? You gotta be kidding." True enough, when she brought me to meet my supervisor, all hopes of doing lab work were dashed before my very eyes. Goddamnit, why was i being assgned to do programming which i am not good at?? And also, i find programming to be very very boring. No, in fact, boring is not a strong enough word to describe the ... how shall i put it ... boredom i felt there. Days went by slowly, minutes went by slowly, i struggled to keep awake at my desk. Friendster helped a small bit in trying to keep me awake. The Gamefaqs forum was where i ended up spending most of time though. On hindsight, maybe i should've blogged then since i wasn't doing anything productive at work, well, at least i wasn't until the 14th week of ITP. Oh before i continue ranting and forget, i shall have you know that i was involved in PERL programming.

Now that my ITP is over, i can finally rest easy now and heave a sigh of relieve. If i don't get into a university, then i officially won't have to sit for exams for the rest of my life!! Wowzers!! Lolz, it might seem weird, but i intend to either sign up with the Army or Police force. That seems to be my calling in life, and as Darth Vader said: "Shawn, it is your desssstiny".

Right now, I am extremely into Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune (wm:mt for short). The thought of speeding at 300km/h always keeps my adrenaline pumped. No surprise then, that i am currently listening to WM:MT's OST. Its mostly cyber trance songs, you know, the type that makes you "high". Woot, go go wm:mt!!

Well, thats all from Acid Runner today. Stay tuned (no pun intended =p)


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Woot!! The author has arisen again!! 

Hello to all!!!!!!!

I am back!!!!!!!!!

Yes ... it has been many moons ago that i actually posted anything here on my blog (thats so embarassing) but all that is about to change. I intend to be more pro-active in my blog now. I promise you more interesting insights into the world around me. I promise you more stories about whats happening in my llife. I promise you more crappy jokes. In fact, i can promise you so many things that i feel I might be a promising candidate for the US presidential elections.

Speaking of which, it ended recently and its Bush and co. once again. I hate Bush. I never really disliked him when he came into office in 2000. The attack on afganistan was to me, a valid one to flush out Osama bin Laden (internationally renowned infamous terrorist to all the people who loves a peaceful world). However, going to Iraq was a big boo-boo. It contributed to the slump in the economy which was already sinking due to SARS which broke out slightly earlier, it gave ammunition to the terrorists to launch more attacks anywhere they liked (think bali), it made more muslims mad with the jewish and zionist, read: all free-loving people and blah blah blah.

Well ... enough ranting ... time to get on with what has happenend in my life so far. My 3rd year first semester examinations has just ended. Nothing much right? except for the fact that its the last time i am gonna be sitting for any exams in a long long time. You see, the next semester is going to be my Industrial Traning Program (ITP), or simply put, my attachment period. For those who are curious, I will be attached to the Genome Institute of Singapore. There's payment, or allowance if you will, but the exact figure has not been exactly specified yet. All in good time though ... i will be going back to school tomorrow to see the lecturer in charge of my ITP, Mr Cyril Chua.

2-3 weeks before the exams, I had to hand in quite a number of assignments. First, there was the Final Year Project (FYP). My group had to see our supervisor almost everyday to let him know what we have done to the FYP report the day before, and to find out what we should edit, add in etc. This FYP is rather hectic, due to it being only 1/2 a semester long, whereas our counterparts over at biotechnology has a 1 yr duration to complete it.

Secondly, there was the Web Applications assignment (WebA). Now this WAS a killer. A huge headache. A pain in the ar**. Why? Because if you have read my previous posts, you will draw the conclusion that IT modules ain't my forte. This was a group project, there were 4 people in my group. I had to practically stay up almost every night just to rush through this friggin' project. I had a severe lack of sleep. I even hallucinated while typing the codes for my part of the assignment. This really confused me to the point that i almost thought i was going mental because while coding, i would drift to a sub-conscious world and code for the same project there too! So when i do drift back to the real world, i would go like: "huh?? I thought i coded for this?? how come its looking like that??" Now this certainly gave me headaches because i had to recheck all the codes i had just written, and to ensure that at the same time i wasn't hallucinating again.

After we handed in this god-damned WebA assignment, it was back to FYP again. This time, its the presentation aspect of it. You see, we had to give a 15 minute presentation on the findings of our FYP. I usually suck at presentations but strangely enough, I was only very slightly nervous while it was my turn to present. Maybe it was because of the fact that the audience only comprised of the judges and a few head honchos who were there to see if we qualified for a distinction grade or not. If my classmates were around, it would most likely had been a different story.

Well, all the assgnments are over. The exams are over, although i have a feeling that i may end up getting 5 Ds, 1 real distinction ("D") for my FYP, and 4 D grades from my other modules, Animal Cell Culture, Gnomic Techniques, Web Applications Development and Database Mining and Data Warehousing. So please pray hard for me that i will be able to pass this semester. I really dread having to repeat any of the modules again, especially when i am 1 semester away from graduating.

Back to my Diablo2: Lord of Destruction ... Until next time


Friday, April 09, 2004

... Addiction ... 

No. I'm not addicted to pot or drugs. Rather ... its over stupid little things like Initial D, Diablo 2, and soon to be added to this list would be Ragnarok Online(RO). Well, I'll have to wait for Itsuki to send me the RO client first before I can start playing but it seems I'm already addicted without having playing it at all!!

As for Initial D (ID), I'm obsessed with playing the game at the arcades. You will find me most of the time playing ID, be it a weekday or a weekend. As of today, I have spent close to $500 on it. Some will call me stupid, but I really dont mind even spending $10000 on it if I had the money. I have an Impreza, Trueno, RX-8 and RX-7 to be invested on an almost daily basis. I have even seen some with 20+ cars so you guys should not be complaining about me. It started sometime back in the autumn of 2003, thats October to those who are living in between the tropics of cancer and capricon. My friend James, lets just call him Yuichi, bugged me to play the game because he felt lonely playing it alone.

So I obliged. I bought a RX-7 ... played with him for a few times ... and before the day was over I already knew that I had fallen in love with this game. From then on, I have been going to the arcades to get my daily fix of ID. The irony of it all was that my classmate, Yong Liang aka Kenji, introduced the game to Yuichi first ... but in the end, Yuichi and I are playing way more than him. In fact, I dont recall Kenji playing ID in the past 3 months

... oh well ...

this post will be continued on another day


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Moment of Truth!! 

As I said earlier in my previous post, I always have bad luck when it comes to IT modules. Today, obtaining the results for my "Database and Management Systems" test only served to reinforce the ... whats the word ... idea??

You see, I got a 79.5 for this test. Benjamin (Itsuki) got a 79.5 too!! So as you can see, we drew in terms of results. But I'm not going to compare our results. Rather, I'm going to criticise on my inability to comprehend the theory aspect of the IT modules.

There was this one question which went: R is a relation with two attributes a1, a2 with primary key a1. State, if true or false, the (i) values of (a1,a2) are always unique.

I interpreted it as: Are the values, a1 and a2, unique from each other? As it turns out, i was wrong. Dead wrong. The correct 'way' of interpreting was: Are the values, a1 + a2, unique??

"Damn!!" I thought to myself. How could anyone ever phrase such an ambiguous question?? Well, I found out later from Kah Wee (Iketani) that the so-called 'correct way' was actually valid ... Just that we were not really taught about it. Taught about it? Hell, I sure have no recollection of the Teacher ever having mentioned that before.

And there was also this question: What's the answer for SUM(2000 + null)? My answer: null.
The teacher's (correct) answer: 2000.
I told the teacher: But i thought that if 2000 is added to a null value, the result should be null?
Teacher: Nope, the column-wise aggregate functions will ignore null values.
Me: Are you sure? When I tried it during the practical lesson, it returned me a null value leh.
Teacher: You're sure? Why don't you try it after this during the practical??

I knew there and then that I had just looked like a fool for trying to prove myself right by arguing (highly unsuccessfully) with the teacher. Sigh, me ... "looking like an idiot" ... the girls in my class sure looked liked they felt that way. By the way, I'm not really on friendly terms with the female population of my class. I feel that some of them just don't really like me around. Well, call me whatever you want, but I have never had my way with girls.

To digress, there's this one classmate of mine, Zhi Yuan (Keisuke), everywhere he goes, girls will always go "aye, Zhi Yuan this" ... and "aye, Zhi Yuan" that. What the hell, they all sound so flirty to me. To be honest, I really hate girls who always like to have something to do with guys. Its like, 90% of the time, they must have a guy around them. Whats up with that? And to clarify one thing, I'm straight. I'm really interested in girls to the point that my guy friends think I am a desperado. But I don't constantly have to have female companions around me. That would certainly make me look like a playboy, and vice versa, in my humble opinion, that would make those above-mentioned girls look kind of slutty. End of Story.



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